Happy Dad’s Day!!!

Why, you may ask, did I not put “Happy Father’s Day” as the title to this post? Well, it’s simple really. This day is for the men that are actually out there being a part of their children’s lives. And the men that even though they didn’t have to, stepped up to fill the roles of those that weren’t willing or were no longer able to. And the men that harmoniously work together as a dad and step-dad. (Though, I’m not big on using the word “step” in front of any role. As my mother has always told me, “Steps belong in front of a house, not a name.”)

I learned at a young age that any guy could be a father, but that it took a real man to be a dad. I grew up with a father that didn’t show up when he was supposed to more often than not. He was never really there for me, and it never appeared that he wanted to be. But I got lucky. When my mom remarried in 1999, Terry and I got off to a rough start, but he actually cared about my brother and me. Come to find out he was just what our family needed. My Pop (as I call him) stepped up and took on two additional kids that were already teenagers.

I’m fortunate enough to have some wonderful Dads in my life. My Pop for being the Dad I didn’t have growing up. I wouldn’t trade him for anything. My wonderful husband, James, for being an amazing Dad day in and day out and for inspiring our children to do great things. My brother, Emory, for being there for his kids. My Papaw, Raymond, may he rest in peace, for being like a Dad during the time that it felt like I didn’t have one. And my Uncle Robert, for treating me like I was his own daughter. Yes, I am fortunate, because with these types of role models for my son, I know that one day he will make an incredible dad as well. These men (aside from my grandfather due to his passing while I was pregnant) have shown my son over the course of his life how to be that Dad to be proud of.  These men have also shown my daughter what to look for when she is older. They have shown her how a woman is to be treated.

So, Happy Dad’s Day to the wonderful Dads out there!! Keep being the role models you are!

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