Makin’ Pretty Stuff with my Babies!

So my children have just spent the last three weeks with their grandparents. (Boy, am I lucky to have parents that would take my children for that long… plus my babies made many wonderful memories!!) I did miss them quite fiercely and they just came home last night. We spent some time over at my parents’ house celebrating Father’s Day. My loving children even assisted with preparing the feast we all enjoyed.

Now that they are home it’s time to spend some quality time together. My baby girl and I are making bracelets, because what girl doesn’t love jewelry?! My daughter loves to repurpose things so we are making our bracelets out of popsicle sticks / tongue depressors. She’s super excited!!! 

If you love making things with your little ones, listen up. Here is a craft that is easy to do!

Step One –  Get some popsicle sticks!!  Either enjoy a popsicle and keep the stick once you are done, OR you can actually purchase them at the store specifically for crafting! (Can you imagine?!) My beautiful little helper!


Step Two – Now you have a choice here. You can either soak the sticks overnight in water, or you can bring water to a boil on the stove and then boil the sticks for 15 minutes. This helps with the pliability of the sticks when bending them into shape. Make sure to prep more sticks than you will use as there is still a possibility of them cracking. We boiled ours!



Step Three – Bend the popsicle sticks into shape and press them inside a glass that is about the same size as a wrist.  Allow the sticks to stay inside the glass for 24 hours to fully dry so they will hold their shape.


Step Four – Decorate your new bracelets as you see fit!!  These make easy and fun gifts for your little one to make for her friends!! That’s exactly what my baby girl is planning to do with them!

Of course, right now we’re waiting for them to fully take shape, so at another time we will display our popsicle stick bracelets in their decorated glory! 🙂


Thanks for stopping by!


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