Breakfast… They Say It’s Important!

Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Yeah, well don’t feel bad… most people don’t. One thing that has become common place amongst American society is to skip breakfast, or for those that do eat breakfast, it’s a super tiny meal. We as Americans do things backwards.

What you typically see in an American eating day is three meals (small breakfast, small lunch, and HUGE dinner.) Turns out this is all wrong. Breakfast should be your largest meal. It kick starts your day. I mean after all you’ve usually been sleeping for eight hours beforehand… which is actually fasting. Your body needs this larger meal to get the motor running!!

Also, as it turns out, we shouldn’t be eating only three meals a day! Can you believe that?! One way to keep your metabolism going is to have snacks throughout the day between meals. Basically put, you should have a big breakfast, small snack, moderate size lunch, small snack, smaller dinner, and a light snack before bed. Then while you sleep your body is trying to burn off what’s left. If you eat a large dinner you’re body can’t burn it all off before your waking hours and it sticks to you.

Today’s breakfast option: Egg White Breakfast Burrito
The recipe yields one serving. It comes in at 232 calories! Also this yummy breakfast is P90X2, P90X3, 21-Day Fix and Body Beast approved!
You can find the recipe here! The link also includes the nutritional breakdown for you!



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