Snacks Can be Yummy, Delicious, And Good For You? Who Knew?

Over the last few days I have covered the main meals an average person has in a day… breakfast (the I don’t have time to eat” meal), lunch (the “I’m never going to get my work done if I eat now” meal), and dinner (the “OMG! I’m STARVING because I haven’t eaten anything at all today” meal.) As I already mentioned in earlier posts, there are actually three other meals you should have in a day. They’re not legitimately meals, however they are important for keeping your metabolism going, especially if you’re looking to lose weight. Did someone say snack time??

Snacks are important because they keep the flow of your metabolism in check. The longer you go in between meals the faster that metabolism starts to drop off and the more likely that your body will start to reserve what fat there already is in your body to keep you going. Now, when I say snacks, I definitely don’t mean cookies, cakes and pie. I mean things that are going to be good for you going in. So today’s post revolves around Negative calorie or Zero Calorie snacks. These kind of snacks are good because they help tide you over in between meals, and your body burns more calories digesting them than they actually provide your body.

Go through this list and select some wonderful treats to help you treat your body good!!


*Beet Root
*Garden Cress
*Green Beans
*Hot Chili

*Tomato (Yes, it’s technically a fruit!)

This is not an exhaustive list, but it sure does give you plenty of options!! Eating these items will help reduce your caloric intake and keep you satisfied until your next meal (while eaten in moderation)!



Dinnertime Rush

Okay, we’ve all been there. It’s dinnertime. You have nothing picked out. So you rush to grab whatever’s available. Not necessarily the best decision on your part, right? Just think when you’re having those chicken nuggets, if you had simply prepared a few things in advance you could have had a healthy and delicious meal on the table for you and your family right?

There are a lot of things you can prepare ahead of time to make dinnertime a breeze. Did you know that you can prepare green onions ahead of time? Just cut ’em up and put them in a an empty water bottle in the freezer! You can shake out a little bit at a time when you need them. They also defrost really quickly!!  You can also pre-cook boneless, skinless chicken breasts and cut them into strips for quick and easy meal prep. I think I might even start doing some OAMC (also know as Once A Month Cooking), or may even OAWC (Once a Week Cooking) now that I’m going to be going back to work soon.

Don’t let the rush to get something on the table make you make decisions for yourself, or your family, that you may regret later!

Today’s Dinner Idea: Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken


This delicious variety of the Chinese classic is about 100 calories less than the traditional version! It comes in at less than 300 calories! Definitely worth a taste. You can find the recipe here!


Lunch Fulfillment

Yesterday, I was talking about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s true. This meal gets your whole day started and it is vital if you’re serious about losing weight. Did you know that when you skip breakfast your body starts to think you’re trying to starve it?  When your body thinks it’s being starved it starts holding onto that fat you’re so desperately trying to get rid of!

Well, lunch is just as important. This meal keeps your body going through the day. People often skip lunch because they are just to busy to get to it. This is soooooooooo bad for you! Once again, if you make a habit of this your body will start to recognize it and set up reserves. We definitely DON’T want this! Now lunch doesn’t need to be as big as your breakfast, so don’t get into the habit of skipping it. Find something you can eat on the go if need be.

Today’s Lunch Suggestion: Turkey Tortilla Roll Up


This delicious, easy to carry meal comes to only 301 calories. This meal is Alli approved, and the recipe can be found here. If you would like to learn more about the Alli Diet Plan, there is a great book by Caroline Apovian, M.D. that thoroughly covers the subject. That book can be found HERE.


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Breakfast… They Say It’s Important!

Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Yeah, well don’t feel bad… most people don’t. One thing that has become common place amongst American society is to skip breakfast, or for those that do eat breakfast, it’s a super tiny meal. We as Americans do things backwards.

What you typically see in an American eating day is three meals (small breakfast, small lunch, and HUGE dinner.) Turns out this is all wrong. Breakfast should be your largest meal. It kick starts your day. I mean after all you’ve usually been sleeping for eight hours beforehand… which is actually fasting. Your body needs this larger meal to get the motor running!!

Also, as it turns out, we shouldn’t be eating only three meals a day! Can you believe that?! One way to keep your metabolism going is to have snacks throughout the day between meals. Basically put, you should have a big breakfast, small snack, moderate size lunch, small snack, smaller dinner, and a light snack before bed. Then while you sleep your body is trying to burn off what’s left. If you eat a large dinner you’re body can’t burn it all off before your waking hours and it sticks to you.

Today’s breakfast option: Egg White Breakfast Burrito
The recipe yields one serving. It comes in at 232 calories! Also this yummy breakfast is P90X2, P90X3, 21-Day Fix and Body Beast approved!
You can find the recipe here! The link also includes the nutritional breakdown for you!